With 20 years of experience developing and implementing successful public relations campaigns, tlsimonPR is ready to engage as an independent consultant, to become a new member of your established communications team, or to build you a team of seasoned, creative and passionate pros for your business.

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About Tracy Simon

I love what I do.  PR is in my blood.

I consider myself lucky to know without a doubt that I landed in the right field.  I am both proud and humbled that my clients and colleagues (former and current) also feel lucky to have had me on their team.

I am experienced and results-oriented with 20 years under my belt working with world-renowned organizations including spending more than six years within Philadelphia’s top public relations and advertising agency, Tierney Communications, and five years overseeing national and international media relations at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In August 2008, I decided to venture out on my own with the goal of doing great solo work or by building teams of senior communications pros in a cost-effective way catered to my clients’ needs.

I consider myself a generalist with a specialty in media relations strategy and execution.  I am versatile, having worked for just about every sector under the stars. I bring to my clients experience and an understanding of the media that helps both sides get what they want — a great story.  It is a journey, tricky and difficult at times, but oh so satisfying when we get there.

I studied journalism at the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University and spent time in newsrooms on the receiving end of PR calls.  This was an invaluable training ground for my future work in PR.

But, the basic principle of PR is that it is not what you say about yourself that counts but what others have to say about you.  Here is a sampling of my own good PR.


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