With 20 years of experience developing and implementing successful public relations campaigns, tlsimonPR is ready to engage as an independent consultant, to become a new member of your established communications team, or to build you a team of seasoned, creative and passionate pros for your business.

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About Tracy Simon

I love what I do.  PR is in my blood.

I consider myself lucky to know without a doubt that I landed in the right field 20 years ago.

Today, the lines that divide PR and marketing have become pretty blurred, and I find this exciting. Not only does it offer communicators new opportunities to better see across an organization, it also allows for more effective teamwork and new ways to build a voice in a more dynamic way. But no matter how modern we become, or how much noise we have to break through, what will always matter the most is finding a way to be interesting, timely and to strike the right tone. That's PR. 

Each day I enjoy helping clients do the kind of work that builds pathways to audiences of importance to them - their customers, the public, the media, current and perspective employees, elected officials, influencers and so on.

I began my career at Philadelphia's largest PR/Advertising firm, Tierney Communications; then headed to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania to lead media relations, event and book promotion; and finally ventured out on my own 10 years ago to build a consultancy where I work solo, by building seasoned teams, or by joining teams in periods of transition. Being virtual allows for incredible flexibility both for me and my clients. Case in point, for ten years I served as the media relations person for the University of Miami's business school, from Philadelphia!

I consider myself a PR generalist who has experience across many sectors such as health care, higher education, non-profit, and businesses of all shapes and sizes. Media relations is my sweet spot (I studied journalism at the Newhouse School at Syracuse U.), but my brain loves to shuffle between its creativite and laser-focused modes when it comes to strategy development and execution. I am a strong writer and editor, and especially enjoy working with leaders to grow their visibility.


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