With 20 years of experience developing and implementing successful public relations campaigns, tlsimonPR is ready to engage as an independent consultant, to become a new member of your established communications team, or to build you a team of seasoned, creative and passionate pros for your business.



  • Public Relations: building and harnessing your brand.
  • Communications Strategy: defining your communications goals and targets and creating a plan to reach these.
  • Media Relations: building third party credibility for your brand nationally and internationally (and dancing the tango while doing it).
  • Positioning and Messaging: helping you talk about yourself in a way that will resonate with your target audience.
  • Writing and Editing: making it all sound smart, creative and new.
  • Presentation and Media Training: preparing you for the spotlight.
  • Social Media: making noise online.
  • Crisis/Issues Management: helping you lead and control the conversation.
  • Speech Writing: connecting you with your audience in a memorable way.

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